Shirt “Corkscrew” & Heide Park Resort Soundtrack (Bundle)


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Soundtrack CD: 26 tracks, total length: 1:39:13 hours

Shirt: 100% cotton, Ring-Spun-T-Shirt by Gildan

Delivery time: 2-3 workdays (outside Germany 5-7 days)


With kind permission of Heide Park Resort and in close cooperation, IMAscore proudly and exclusively presents the Heide Park Resort Soundtrack CD. On two CDs people can expect 26 tracks with a total duration of about 100 minutes. The CDs feature the Soundracks of the attractions KRAKE, Flug der Dämonen, Colossos, KRAKE lebt! Kids, Wüstenflitzer and the music of the entrance area and Bucht der Piraten, including the Splash Battle ToPiLauLa Schlacht. Furthermore you can also find parts of the Adventure Hotel’s Soundtrack on them!

This unique compilation is a varied rollercoaster ride in terms of emotions and styles, recommendable not only for fans of Heide Park Resort and theme park music in general.


Tracklist CD1:

  1. Heide Park Resort Theme (Eingangsbereich)
  2. Wumbo’s Tales (Eingangsbereich)
  3. What A Day (Eingangsbereich)
  4. Open The Gates (Eingangsbereich)
  5. ToPiLauLa Schlacht (Bucht der Piraten)
  6. Pirate’s Hideaway (Bucht der Piraten)
  7. Set The Sails (Bucht der Piraten)
  8. Rough Sea (Bucht der Piraten)
  10. Something In The Water (KRAKE)
  11. All Hope Lost (KRAKE)
  12. KRAKE lebt! Kids (KRAKE lebt! Kids)
Tracklist CD2:

  1. Lord Explorus (Abenteuerhotel)
  2. Up The Stairs (Abenteuerhotel)
  3. Here To Stay (Abenteuerhotel)
  4. Flug der Dämonen (Flug der Dämonen)
  5. Haunted Village (Flug der Dämonen)
  6. Rescued Or Damned (Flug der Dämonen)
  7. On The Wings (Flug der Dämonen)
  8. Daemon’s Shelter (Flug der Dämonen)
  9. Wirtshaus des Admirals (Wirtshaus des Admirals)
  10. Shore Leave (Wirtshaus des Admirals)
  11. Wüstenflitzer (Wüstenflitzer)
  12. Colossos (Colossos)
  13. A Spectacular View (Colossos)
  14. Feeling The Air (Colossos)
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Exclusively by IMAscore for theme park and rollercoaster enthusiasts! An unique premium t-shirt, available for ladies and gents in different sizes.

  • Ring-Spun-T-Shirt by Gildan (crew neck)
  • 100% cotton
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