Reaching For The Horizon (Digital Download)


IMAscore’s album Reaching For The Horizon, published by IMAscore.

14 tracks, total length: 37:56 minutes


All seven IMAscore composers contributed music to our album „Reaching for the Horizon“. It’s therefore a musical summary of an emotional journey full of optimism, hope and veneration. Nevertheless we think it not only represents our past and present, but everyone’s pursuit of happiness. We hope you’ll find yourself in this music and will come with us on this journey, reaching for the horizon.

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  1. Reaching For The Horizon (by Florian Wunsch)
  2. Wings (by Andreas Kübler)
  3. Army Of Strings (by Andreas Kübler)
  4. Now Or Never (by Eric Krause)
  5. Guideless Journey (by Apollon de Moura)
  6. For Eternity (by Andreas Kübler)
  7. Fading Memories (by Eric Krause & Andreas Kübler)
  8. One Planet (by Jascha Heidicke)
  9. A Link To The Past (by Sebastian Kübler)
  10. Feels Like Living (by Florian Wunsch)
  11. Remember Me (by Eric Krause)
  12. Above The Hills (by Sebastian Kübler)
  13. The Fate In Our Hands (by Adrian Gucze)
  14. Fly Up (by Andreas Kübler)
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