Magic Forest – Official Soundtrack


Official Soundtrack CD for the “Magic Forest” at Toverland

14 tracks, total length: 40:00 minutes

Delivery time: 4-6 workdays (outside Germany 7-12 workdays)

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This is the official soundtrack of the Magic Forest, the second indoor area, which opened in 2004 at the Dutch theme park Toverland. After elaborate renewal by IMAscore, the stylistically versatile music is available on CD for the first time. 14 tracks with a total duration of 40 minutes sound magically dreamy, traditionally folksy and sometimes also in the style of a classic barrel organ, known from funfairs all over the world.

The CD features the music of the 2015 season’s novelty, the bobsled ride “Maximus’ Blitz Bahn” and furthermore the music of the fun house “Villa Fiasko”, of the classic horse carousel and of the log flume ride “Backstroke”. Of course the magical music of the area itself is represented on the CD as well.


  1. Entering the Forest
  2. Backstroke
  3. Foot oft he Mountain
  4. Meeting Maximus
  5. Alp Yodeler
  6. On Top of the Mountain
  7. Maximus’ Blitz Bahn
  8. Discover The Alps
  9. Villa Fiasko
  10. Magic Forest
  11. Panorama View
  12. Karussell
  13. Magic Memories
  14. Maximus’ Goodbye

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