Liseberg Soundtrack


Official Soundtrack CD for Liseberg

17 tracks, total length: 1:09:39 hours

Delivery time: 4-6 workdays (outside Germany 7-12 workdays)

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With kind permission of Liseberg and in close cooperation, IMAscore proudly and exclusively presents the Liseberg Soundtrack CD, with a total duration of about 70 minutes.

The CD features tons of previously unreleased material in unheard quality, from the electronic orchestral sounds of HELIX, to the epic industrial Soundtrack of Mechanica, through to AeroSpin’s vintage orchestral music. Experience a versatile compilation of ride soundtracks by IMAscore for Northern Europe’s biggest theme park.


  1. Instant Go [Helix]
  2. Helix Theme [Helix]
  3. The Structure [Helix]
  4. Invert [Helix]
  5. In The Zone [Helix]
  6. Re-Invented [Helix]
  7. Journey’s End [Helix]
  8. Mechanica Theme [Mechanica]
  9. A Hidden Force [Mechanica]
  10. The Alchemist [Mechanica]
  11. Ghost In The Machine [Mechanica]
  12. Unleashed [Mechanica]
  13. Save Ground [Mechanica]
  14. AeroSpin Theme [AeroSpin]
  15. Blue Skies [Aero Spin]
  16. Up In The Air [AeroSpin]
  17. Enjoy Your Flight [AeroSpin]


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