Kaleidoscope (Digital Download)


IMAscore’s Vocal Epic Trailer Music album Kaleidoscope, published by End Of Silence.

10 tracks, total length: 28:39 minutes


Experience the emotional impact of melancholy in epic orchestral compositions with a larger than life attitude, the thrilling coolness of rocking electric guitars and the uplifting motivational vibe of trendy Trailer Pop tracks. Published by End Of Silence, mixed and mastered by Toby Mason, the Vocal Epic Trailer Music album Kaleidoscope was IMAscore’s very first solo album in this style. First it was offered exclusively for the theatrical trailers, television commercials and video game advertising industry, but now it’s publicly available for everyone!

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  1. The Day The Earth Collapsed
  2. Tear Down The Bridges
  3. Where Do We Go
  4. Start A Revolution
  5. Guidance
  6. Break Through The Silence
  7. Feel No Pain
  8. Today’s Just The Start
  9. Children Of Time
  10. Andrew’s Song
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