Area 51 – Top Secret – Official Soundtrack


Area 51 – Top Secret – Official Soundtrack

12 tracks, total length: 37:39 minutes

Delivery time: 4-6 workdays (outside Germany 7-12 workdays)

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Area 51 – Top Secret was Movie Park Germany‘s novelty of the 2019 season. Its soundtrack combines influences from military march music with adventurous orchestral music, to musically represent the eventful journey through the top secret US Air Force base. This Soundtrack CD features music from all areas of the attraction, from the queue line, to the station, through to the ride itself.


  1. General Robert Marshall
  2. Area 51 Theme
  3. Stand To Attention
  4. Flight Exercises
  5. Some Good Advice
  6. A Day At Groom Lake
  7. Prepare For The Unexpected
  8. Inside The Laboratory
  9. UFO Spotted
  10. Escape From Kelly Mine
  11. Back In Daylight
  12. Salute To The Heroes
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