Alton Towers Resort Soundtrack


Official Alton Towers Resort Soundtrack CD

32 tracks, total length: 126:34 minutes

Delivery time: 4-6 workdays (outside Germany 7-12 workdays)

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The long awaited Alton Towers Resort Soundtrack CD finally got released in 2020, featuring the soundtracks of iconic attractions like Wicker Man, Galactica, Spinball Whizzer and of course The Smiler. But there’s even more on this 32 track double CD release fans have been waiting for: Music from the Towers Street and Heritage area, Cbeebies Hotel and Enchanted Village, as well as from the Scarefest and Fireworks Spectacular event – the latter partially recorded with the Budapest Film Orchestra.

All these pieces of music make this Soundtrack CD an unique IMAscore compilation from UK’s biggest theme park Alton Towers Resort. A must have for all fans!

Tracklist CD1:

  1. The Long Awaited Day (Towers Street)
  2. There’s Magic Inside (Towers Street)
  3. A World To Discover (Towers Street)
  4. About Thrills And Mysteries (Towers Street)
  5. The Next Great Adventure (Towers Street)
  6. Wicker Man Theme (Wicker Man)
  7. The Chosen Ones (Wicker Man)
  8. Ignite Your Senses (Wicker Man)
  9. Galactica Theme (Galactica)
  10. Another Dimension (Galactica)
  11. Journey Beyond (Galactica)
  12. Through The Gates (Galactica)
  13. Enchanting Breaks (Enchanted Village)
  14. Sprites Of The Forest (Enchanted Village)
  15. Magical Days And Nights (Enchanted Village)
  16. Amongst The Trees (Enchanted Village)
Tracklist CD2:

  1. The Smiler Theme (The Smiler)
  2. Get Corrected (The Smiler)
  3. Ha Ha Ha (The Smiler)
  4. Beat Of A Laughter (The Smiler)
  5. The Heritage (Heritage)
  6. Back In The 19th Century (Heritage)
  7. Great Old Walls (Heritage)
  8. Spinball Whizzer Theme (Spinball Whizzer)
  9. Turn It On (Spinball Whizzer)
  10. A Different Spin (Spinball Whizzer)
  11. Fear The Dark (Scarefest)
  12. Spooks, Frights And Thrills (Scarefest)
  13. Playful Stays (Cbeebies Hotel)
  14. Times Of Fun (Cbeebies Hotel)
  15. Tension Is Rising (Fireworks Spectacular)
  16. Fireworks Spectacular (Fireworks Spectacular)
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