Minas Abenteuer – Der Baum der Wunder


Musical Radioplay for kids (German Audio CD)

19 chapters, total length: 70:00 minutes

Delivery time: 2-3 workdays

Product Description

Mina’s mother sends her dearly-loved daughter on a stunning journey to an — extraordinary – place: the music school Cantus Magus. Mina has just jumped off the magical coach at her destination when she gets to know her very stern tutoress Ms. Balalaika. But all worries fly away the moment Mina meets her new roommate Amy and the little vampire Scott. They make good friends and mutually support each other to pass their challenging entrance exam as if by magic. Mina’s Adventures — The Tree of Wonders. The first episode of a whole series of enchanting musical adventures filled with passion for detail. The perfect gift for all fans of radio plays.

The cast consists of many famous voices from musicals and dubbing, like Luisa Wietzorek (e.g. known from the musical “Hinterm Horizont” by Udo Lindenberg), Joko Winterscheidt (Circus Halli Galli), Dominic Boeer (SOKO Wismar), Santiago Ziesmer (German voice of SpongeBob Squarepants) and Dietmar Wunder (e.g. the German dubbing voice of Daniel Craig and Adam Sandler).

The about ten month long production makes this radio play one of the most elaborate of its kind. The entire team of IMAscore participated on this project, from composing the music and writing the lyrics, to producing the sound design and even building the official website.

Only available in German!